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“I've been taking Xanax for my anxiety for over 8 years. Although it helped calm my nerve, I felt tired, dizzy and drowsy – like a zombie all the time. Since reading your letter, I’ve noticed profound changes. I’m more at ease than I’ve ever been, and I’m hopeful I’ll be off my pills by the end of next week. Thank you!”

Tom G.

“I always try to be upbeat for my husband and children. But lately, my nerves have been shot - and I’m worried it’s affecting my family. I was skeptical when I read the information, but I’m so glad I tried it anyway. It’s like a switch was flipped in my brain, and I feel so much more calm and centered. Even my husband has noticed the difference. God Bless!"

Mary M.

It’s like a cloud has been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer feel frustrated or down anymore. It’s even improved my spiritual life and my ability to read and understand the Bible and hear clearly from God when I pray. Now I carry this sticker on me all the time – and I’ve even given a few to my close friends and family!

George R.

Common Questions & Answers
How Do These Quantum Energy Patches Work?
Your body is made up of energy.  The skin patches are programmed with healing frequencies, positive messages, and 40 biblical scriptures into the silicone. 
Will These Patches Help Me With My Anxiety?
We believe they will and have testimony after testimony from real people where these are changing their lives.  
How Long Does It Take For The Patches To Start Working?
It is very quick!  When we have done muscle testing, the effect can only take seconds.  With pain, the effect has also shown to be quick and increases in effectiveness over time. Recently, a woman with knee pain came into the office and mentioned her pain. So we gave her a card and then started talking about work and then we had to go into the warehouse to show her something. On the way there, we asked her how her knee was and she looked at us with big eyes and said "WOW - I forgot about the pain in my knee."  
Where Do I Place The Patch?
Since they connect to your body's energy field, they can be placed ON or even CLOSE to you body for them to have a positive effect.  Think about electricity traveling in water - it doesn't need to be in a specific place.  They can be placed in an inconspicuous place (behind the neck, on your back, or many place them in their wallet). 
Is There A Guarantee?
Yes - we want these to help people! The great news is we are getting a ton of positive responses on how these cards and patches are having a positive effect on people's lives.  In fact, an insurance company just purchased 6,000 of them to give away for free to their customers.  They would rather pay for this breakthrough solution, than pay for people to go to the doctor.  Incredible!

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